Tips for name your dog

Congratulations! Your family has just acquired a new member, complete with wet nose, four legs and a waggly tail. Now you just need to name the furry little addition because while calling them pooch, pup or mutt for the next decade may seem like a good idea, it would be akin to your parents naming you Human and is frankly the height of laziness.

No matter what the motivation is behind the name you choose, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly try to keep it short and simple – no more than two syllables. Dogs don’t understand words but they do recognise sounds and they will learn a simple name in a matter of days.

kid with akita inuRemember that your puppy is going to grow up. Something cute or adorable might not work when they finally grow into those gigantic paws and stand as high as your car! Most importantly if you would be embarrassed to shout something out in a public park – DO NOT burden your pet with it. Like I said, dogs recognise sound and the cringe in your voice when you call them would confuse and upset them.

Some dogs arrive with certificates and hereditary names that reflect their breeding, kennels and any titles they may have earned. You are permitted to shorten this name, or supply a nickname. My family has not called me by my birth name in well over 20 years and I am no less a person than if they had.

Your dog can be your best friend, your protector, your lifelong companion. They deserve a name which shows your love and also honours their position in your life. The name you choose will say as much about you as it does about your pet so choose wisely.


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