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The importance of a good name

If you have a new puppy at home or you are waiting for one, we are sure that you are thinking about how to name it. This is important because it’s essential to have a name from the very beginning so that it can grow accustomed to it. There’s a huge variety of cool and cute dog names. Which do you choose?

Tips for naming your dog

Naming a pet is fun (and sometimes difficult for the whole family), but there are a few important tips to keep in mind when deciding. For your pet’s name, consider:

  • It should be a memorable name for the puppy. Avoid the long and strange!
  • Many animals, including dogs (and cats) respond better to one and two syllables so instead of calling it "Pimienta", it will respond better to something shorter like "Pimi" or "Menta"
  • We recommend avoiding names that may confuse your dog at the time of training, such as "sit”.

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There are dozens of fun and creative names for your dog or puppy on this site - you will be able to find the perfect name to suit the personality and characteristics of your new canine friend! We have collected many names - imaginative, fun and special for any breed, male or female - for you to choose.

beagle with women
Tag Your Pet with a Name that Fits

Pet naming is an issue that carries with it various sorts of cultural baggage and expectations.  In the US, and perhaps worldwide, some names given to dogs, for instance, will immediately bring to mind famous examples.  Even children who have not grown up in the eras of Benji and Lassie may recognize these names as belonging to a scruffy terrier or a regal collie.  Recognizable canine names are fun and cute, but giving your dog a name that is too common might result in confusion at the dog park, track, or vet’s office. Even names not quickly associated with famous … Continue Reading

3 March, 2014
People with allergies

Maltese, the ideal companion for people with allergies Do you or your family has allergy problems but wants to have a puppy at home? Then you could consider getting a Bichon Maltese. Although no breed of dog is totally hypoallergenic, due to its characteristics, the Bichon Maltese breed has been identified by the American Kennel Club as one of the races that gives less allergy problems. For what reason? Because the bichon Maltese due to its type of hair, does not shed it and it’s a fine hair, makes skin peeling (responsible for causing allergy) not being able to be … Continue Reading

24 January, 2014
Sad dog
Dog Anxiety due to Canine separation

When I was living in a student apartment in Madrid, we had a lovely cocker as neighbor in the apartment next door, there was only a problem for him, its owners and us: he could not bear to stay at home alone and constantly barked when its owners were not home. So the pharmacy lady knew us as “the earplugs people”, just imagine what the situation was … My canine neighbor suffered from “Separation anxiety syndrome”, when a dog has it, it can even enter a state of anxiety when the owner is away from him only a few minutes. … Continue Reading

11 January, 2014

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