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Choosing a name for a new puppy is a very important decision. The name will be used to communicate with the dog for the rest of his or her life. Allow some time to choose the name and consider the following suggestions. Your puppy’s name should reflect his personality. It is therefore appropriate to think well before deciding .

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Here are some items that need to be considered before you start looking :

  • Choose a short name and easy to remember. It is preferable that the appellation have no more than three syllables, for the animal’s easier to hold him.
  • Dog’s name fits his personality. A dog of noble race, proud of him and very shaggy fits a particular appellation, while a dog less neat and fits most common ones.
  • If you and another animal is advisable not choose similar nicknames, otherwise you will be surprised that calling him the other one will come or even both.
  • Write on a piece of paper your favorite dog names from movies, commercials, books, etc., and then choose the one that you feel that fits. If you fail then try calling your dog with them and see if it reacts to any name.
  • If the animal you want to call him as a friend or family member consult first person. Even if you find yourself an honor to wear the name of that animal is likely that the person will not be excited about this idea.
  • If you want to train him the name should be unlike any command that follows to learn.
  • Finally, make sure you choose a name that you will use no embarrassment in public. A name you consider cute or staff may have a different connotation when you yell the dog park.

Some of the most popular female dog names are:
Vandi, Jazz, Sveta, Melva, Bella, Ava, Penny, Cinnamon, Jonty, Bunny.

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