Russian dog names

Would you like to give your dog a Russian name? Do you have a dog of Russian origin and want to honour its place of origin? Do you like Russian culture? Well here you’ll find a lot of names of Russian origin for your male or female dog! Let's get to know them, I'm sure you'll love some of them.

Russian names for female dogs

We're gonna give you some Russian names you can give your little dog. Some are very funny, others are elegant and original, but what they all have in common is that they sound great. Let's go with them:

  • Báltika: name of Russian beer. If you like beer and also want to put a name of Russian origin to your dog, what better option than this?
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  • Mumú: she is a main character of the Russian fairy tale Mumú that is part of the Russian culture.
  • Catherine the Great: If you want an aristocratic name for your dog, this can be great. In everyday life you can call it Cata or even Lina.
  • Natalia: in Russian you would write Наталья. It is a very typical name in Russia.
  • Nevá: is the name of the river that crosses St. Petersburg and a beautiful name for dog.  
  • Vanya: although it has Hebrew origin it is a very common name in Russia.
  • Utopiya: this is how Utopia would be pronounced in Russian. If you want to write it with its alphabet, it would be утопия, it is a beautiful name for female dog.  
  • Diskoteka (Дискотека): a very original and funny name for your dog. As you may have imagined, it means disco.
  • Nyusha: she is a very famous singer in Russia. If you give your dog this name, you will be choosing a super original and unique name with a great sound.
  • Shchi: it's a very classic Russian soup. It's a name with a very nice sonority, which will go great for dogs of both large and small breeds.  
  • Dima: another very classic name from Russia. It works for both male (best Dimas) and female and means partner. So, great name for your dog, which for sure is one of your best companions.
  • Maksim: she is a well known singer in Russia and with a perfect name for female because it sounds very good. If you want to put it on a male, it can also be perfect.
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Russian names for male dogs

Do you want a Russian name for your dog? Well here are some that you will like very much:

  • Vladimir: how to forget Vladimir, one of the most typical Russian names. Its origin is Slavic and means great, illustrious, etc. This is a great name for dog, as it sounds great and if you want you can shorten it to Vladi when you're in a colloquial environment.  
  • Boris: like the mythical politician Boris Yeltsin, means a person who is strong. If your dog is strong and brave, this name can be perfect for him.
  • Dmitri: another classic Russian name. It comes from Demeter, who is the Greek goddess of the earth although her origin is Slavic.
  • Pávlov: Surely you know the experiment of Pavlov's dog that drooled before seeing the food because it had been conditioned. When Pavlov fed him, he always lit a lamp. So came the day when, even though there was no food, the dog drooled when he saw the lamp light up. Pavlov is a funny name for your dog, don't you think?
  • Москва: is Moscow in Russian. If you fancy a 100% Russian name, even with its alphabet, this word is easy to pronounce and write.
  • Stragonoff: typical dish with cream and meat. It will be great for dogs of large breeds such as rottweiler or German shepherd.
  • Russian dog names Akita dog russian
  • Tolstoy: like the Russian Communist politician
  • Viktor: it means victorious, in Russian it is pronounced Viktor but it is written Виктор, for your puppy you will be able to use the spelling that you like the most, there are no rules!
  • Sharik: it's a classic dog name in Russia, as in some Spanish-speaking countries it could be Boby or Toby. For example, it appears in the cartoons of Tres de Prostokvásshino. Sharik is also the name of the dog in the novel Mikhail Bulgákov's Heart of a Dog: a dog turned into a human by a surgeon and when it becomes human loses its nobility.

Do you like any of these Russian names for your dog? Well, great! And if you're still not sure, you can take a look in our search engine, where we propose many other names for dog.

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