In our Blog you will find tips to find the perfect name for your dog. We have tried to gather the best names, some more original and others traditional but that do not go out of style. We continuously update our database of names, according to the new trends, most popular names, etc. We hope you help.

French Dog Names

French dog names sound great and that’s why many people choose a French name for their dog. Here you will find beautiful names for your dog, either female or male, we hope that one of … Continue Reading

220+ Original dog names

Do you want your dog to have a very original name? Well, your wishes are orders: we leave you more than 220 very original names for your dog. Names for female and male dogs that … Continue Reading

Chinese Dog Names

Are you looking for an original name? Would you love to give your dog a Chinese name? Well, you’re in the right place! We bring you a lot of Chinese names related to Chinese culture … Continue Reading

310+ Chihuahua Dog Names

If you are looking for a name for your chihuahua dog you are in the right place. Here you can find great names for female and male chihuahua dogs, even some names are for both … Continue Reading

320+ Beautiful dog names

Are you looking for a nice, perfect name for your dog? That’s normal! Your dog will be a member of your family, an important companion in your daily life, therefore, you want it to have … Continue Reading

Best Russian dog names

Would you like to give your dog a Russian name? Do you have a dog of Russian origin and want to honour its place of origin? Do you like Russian culture? Well here you’ll find … Continue Reading

Korean dog names

Do you like Korean culture and would you like to give your dog a Korean name? So here you’ll find many options of original Korean names for both female and male dogs. Let’s go!

Boxer dog names

Did you just incorporate a boxer dog into your family? Great! I’m sure you’ll make great friends. But now… it’s time for something important, to decide what name to give it! If you’re here it’s … Continue Reading

Husky Dog Names

Do you have a Siberian husky dog? Congratulations! They’re beautiful dogs. Did you just get it? Then you’ll be in the whole name search process. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place, here we’ll … Continue Reading

Big dog names

Is your new puppy or is it going to be a big dog? Well here we are going to give you more than 100 name ideas for big dogs for both female and male dogs. … Continue Reading

Black dog names

Are you looking for a name for your black dog? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have lots of names for black dogs both male and female. Names related to their colour, but … Continue Reading

German dog names

If you are one of those who have visited Germany and have fallen in love with its irresistible sausages (Bratwurst), or its beautiful cities, surely you have thought that a German name would be a … Continue Reading

White dog names

You just adopted a white dog and you’re looking for a name? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re going to propose you many names for white dogs both females and males and that way, … Continue Reading

Most popular dog names 2017

Infographic with most popular dog names of our website during this year 2017. Here you can find names in the category: male/female.

Tips for name your dog

Congratulations! Your family has just acquired a new member, complete with wet nose, four legs and a waggly tail. Now you just need to name the furry little addition because while calling them pooch, pup … Continue Reading

Girl dog names 2016

Do you have a female dog and do not know what to name? We have compiled the most successful have had throughout this year 2014. Many of the most popular the past are repeated, such … Continue Reading

Female dog names

Choosing a name for a new puppy is a very important decision. The name will be used to communicate with the dog for the rest of his or her life. Allow some time to choose … Continue Reading

Tag Your Pet with a Name that Fits

Pet naming is an issue that carries with it various sorts of cultural baggage and expectations.  In the US, and perhaps worldwide, some names given to dogs, for instance, will immediately bring to mind famous … Continue Reading

People with allergies

Maltese, the ideal companion for people with allergies Do you or your family has allergy problems but wants to have a puppy at home? Then you could consider getting a Bichon Maltese. Although no breed … Continue Reading

Dog Anxiety due to Canine separation

When I was living in a student apartment in Madrid, we had a lovely cocker as neighbor in the apartment next door, there was only a problem for him, its owners and us: he could … Continue Reading

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