In our Blog you will find tips to find the perfect name for your dog. We have tried to gather the best names, some more original and others traditional but that do not go out of style. We continuously update our database of names, according to the new trends, most popular names, etc. We hope you help.

Greek dog names

Do you like Greece’s mythology or history and want to give your dog a name related to it? Do you love the sound of Greek and you think that this language is perfect for your … Continue Reading

Italian dog names

Would you like to give your dog a beautiful Italian name? Italian names have a very special touch and you will find great for both female and male. Here are some Italian dog names that … Continue Reading

Dog names by breed

Maybe you’re looking for a name for your dog that goes perfectly with its breed. Each breed has its colors, behavior tendency, size and other related characteristics. For this reason, for example, many Labrador dogs … Continue Reading

Dachshund dog names

Looking for a good name for your dachshund dog? You have come to the right place, on this page we’ll talk a little about the curiosities of this magnificent breed and show you the list … Continue Reading

Schnauzer dog names

Have you just incorporated a schnauzer dog into your family and don’t know what to call it? Well, here’s the solution! A lot of names for male and female schnauzer dogs on different themes and … Continue Reading

420+ Poodle names

If you’ve just adopted or acquired a dog or poodle dog you’re sure to want to find an ideal name for him or her. There are many names that go great with poodle dogs. Here … Continue Reading

Pug dog names

Do you have a pug dog? Congratulations! because they are beautiful and, although puppies are a little junk, they are also very good. Your puppy doesn’t have a name yet? Well, you’re in the right … Continue Reading

Saint Bernard dog names

So far on our website we have talked a lot about small dogs, but now we pass to a super big one, the san bernardo, which can weigh nothing more and nothing less than 100 … Continue Reading

Rottweiler dog names

The Rottweiler breed is one of the most popular of “large dogs”. Sometimes we hear a lot of prejudice about them, but whoever has or has had a Rottweiler knows how wonderful they are. To … Continue Reading

German shepherd dog names

Did you just adopt a German shepherd dog? That’s great! You’ll see how he or she becomes your best friend. German shepherds are very loyal, intelligent and loving dogs. Now, once you’ve made the decision … Continue Reading

Doberman dog names

Are you looking for a name for your doberman puppy? You’ve come to the right place, here we’ll show you the best names for females and males, we’ll talk a bit about the characteristics and … Continue Reading

250+ Small dog names

You got a new puppy at home and you know it’s gonna be a little dog? Well here you’ll find fantastic names for small dogs. We’ll show you names related to your favourite subjects, be … Continue Reading

Maltese dog names

If there’s a new Maltese puppy at home, you’re sure to be looking for a name. First of all we advise you to gather the whole family to make this decision, as it’s important that … Continue Reading

290+ Best Shih tzu dog names

Are you looking for a name for Shih Tzu dogs? You have come to the right place, to make your job easier we have collected some of the best names for male and female dogs. … Continue Reading

Aztec dog names

Would you like to give your dog an Aztec name? Do you have a Mexican dog and you think the ideal name for it could be Aztec? Well, you’re in the right place! We’re going … Continue Reading

+320 Australian shepherd names

Do you have an Australian Shepherd puppy at home and don’t know what name would be great? Don’t worry, we’ll help you find the perfect name. We have collected many original names for female and … Continue Reading

Beagle dog names

If you own or have ever owned a Beagle, you will know that they are wonderful, adorable, loyal and very intelligent dogs. It’s considered an ideal breed for families with children, due to its good … Continue Reading

Yorkie dog names

One of the most popular small breeds worldwide is the Yorkshire Terrier. It has unmistakable beauty, an active and playful character which has made it one of the favourite dogs of families all over the … Continue Reading

Short dog names

If you are looking for an ideal name for your dog, a short name can be perfect. Here are a lot of short names, but nice and eye-catching, so you can name your new best … Continue Reading

Popular dog names

Infographic with most popular dog names of our website during this year 2017. Here you can find names in the category: male/female.

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