Maori dog names

Do you like Maori culture and would love to give your dog a name from New Zealand? Great! We’ll give you some names in Maori. You know Maori culture is closely linked to nature, land and tribal care, so many of the names we’re recommending will also be related to these elements and go great with your puppy. Let’s go discover them!

Maori names for male dogs

Here are some Maori names for your male dog, and you could choose many of them for your female dog, so if you like one, don’t hesitate:

  • Haka: this is the Maori dance.
  • maori dog names

  • Waiata: these are traditional Maori songs.
  • Kiwi: besides the fruit we all know, the kiwi is also a bird that is only in New Zealand.
  • Moko: that’s what the Maori people call their famous tattoos.
  • Hongi: this is the name of the typical Maori greeting that consists of joining the forehead with the nose of the other person saying the classic Ha.
  • Wai: water in Maori.
  • Toto: even if you couldn’t believe it at first glance, toto is blood.
  • Tama: means son. If your puppy is like a son to you, this Maori word can be perfect for his name.
  • Anaru: it would be AndrĂ©s.
  • Piripi: great name for dog that would be the Maori form of Felipe.
  • Tane: means man in Maori.

Maori names for female dogs

Now let’s go with some Maori words that you can name your dog with:

  • Maunga: means mountain.
  • Waka: means a canoe.
  • Tiaki: means to take care of someone.
  • Awa: means river.
  • Koha: means gift, present.
  • Anahera: it’s an angel in Maori.
  • Mana: means power, authority.
  • Hine: means girl in Maori.
  • Roimata: means tear in Maori.
  • Moana: it’s a very nice name and means sea.
  • Aroha: means love, also a beautiful name.
dog maori

Did you like any of these fantastic names for your dog? If the answer is yes, great, if you’re still not sure, you can search for names in other languages on our website, you’ll find some great ideas.

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