Spanish dog names

If you want a name in Spanish for your dog with a nice meaning, you are going to like one of these for sure:

  • Leila: is a beautiful name for a female. It derives from Arabic where it would mean night. That was the name of the wife of the last Moorish king of Al-Andalus, Boabdil. If your dog is black, this name will make wonders. If your dog has another coat color, but you like the name, go ahead!
  • Cuckoo: a great name for both male and female dogs. It reminds us of the song “A frog was singing”. In addition, Cuckoo is a colloquial form used by the French to greet each other.
  • Cali: in addition to the Colombian city, Cali comes from Latin and means the most beautiful. It can also be used for male dogs.
  • Poleo: is a type of mint. I’m sure the “mint poleo” infusion sounds familiar to you, very good for digestion. If you have a very feisty dog, like the giant breed, this name can be original and fun for him.
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  • Olga: this name comes from the Scandinavian Helga. It means “that which is immortal”.
  • Cumin: great name for small dogs, cumin is a spice, although it’s also used in colloquial speech as “me importa un comino” “I don’t give a damn”. It has a very good sound and generates a lot of tenderness.
  • Buque: with a very good sonority, this name is great for big dogs. A Buque is a large ship, which can sail the seven seas without problems. Spike: related to a spike, a spike is also a pointed object. It can be a super fun name to call dogs that have short and hard hair. In addition, Pincho was a character in the cartoons of Los Fruittis, a very innocent cactus.
  • Tito: it’s a short and nice name for both big and small dogs. Tito was an emperor of the Roman Empire of the Flavian dynasty. The triumphal arch at the entrance to the Rome Forum commemorates Titus. If you have visited Rome, this can be a great name for your dog.

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