Egyptian dog names

Do you like Egyptian culture and want to give your dog an Egyptian name? That’s cool, because we are going to propose many Egyptian names for both male and female dogs. In addition, they will be inspired by famous people, places or Egyptian culture in general. You are going to like them for sure!

Egyptian names for male dogs

Your dog is male and you’re looking for an Egyptian name for him? Well, some of these will please you for sure:

  • Ramses II: was the last pharaoh to exercise absolute power in Egypt.
  • Amon: was a divinity characterized by being the main God of the Egyptian pantheon for a long time.
  • egyptian dog names

  • Maat: with this word they express the principles of truth, justice and goodness.
  • Aton: another of the main Egyptian gods.
  • Menes: is considered the first emperor of Egypt, who unified the Upper and Lower Egypt.
  • Buto: one of the main cities of Lower Egypt.
  • Gizeh: pyramids that are still quite unexplored, if your dog is reserved, this may be a good name for him.
  • Khufu: Pharaoh who ordered to build the pyramids of Cheops.
  • Nile: a great name, like the river it represents.

Egyptian names for female dogs

Here are some nice Egyptian names for your female dog:

  • Cleopatra: we all know Cleopatra, but do you know what her name means? “Glory of her father” If you want to give this name to your dog, to call her in everyday life you can use a name as beautiful as Cleo.
  • Nubia: a region of southern Egypt. This name is gorgeous.
  • Iset: also a very beautiful name, it corresponds to that of an Egypt’s princess.
  • Nefertari: she was the first wife of Pharaoh Ramses II.
  • Nefertiti: a beautiful queen, her bust is one of the most famous we can see today.
  • Malkata: the royal palace of Tiy.
  • Tiy: a very famous queen of Egypt. Her mummy still has her hair.
saluki breed of egypt

Will you give any of these Egyptian names to your dog? Great idea! They are original and sound great, plus… they have a lot of history inside!

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