Japanese names for dogs

Looking for a Japanese name for your dog? Well, you are in the right place! We give you many Japanese names for your male and female dog with their meanings.

Japan is an impressive country, if you have not had the opportunity to visit it I recommend that you do it some day because you are going to love it. One of the things that stands out most about Japan is its culture, followed by many people from all over the world, and due to its popularity, its influence when choosing a name for a dog has been increasing.

Japanese names are great because they have a great sound and are usually short, so your dog will learn his or her name in no time.

Japanese names for female dogs

Although many Japanese names can be for female or male, some may go better with female. Yes! Feel free to name your dog whatever you want it to sound like.

  • Maiko : ballerina
  • Nozomi : hope
  • Jin : sweet and caring girl
  • Kichi : with good luck
  • Kata : girl with a lot of dignity
  • Shigé : exuberant
  • Shizu : calm

japanese names for dogs

Japanese names for female dogs linked to nature

  • Handle : means born at dawn
  • Ayaka : flower with colors
  • Ayame : iris flower
  • Cho : butterfly
  • Chiasa : thousands of sunrises
  • Hanako : fair flower
  • Hoshi : star
  • Kohana : tiny flower
  • Koko : stork
  • Kukiko : snow
best names for inu dogs

Japanese names for male dogs

Now we give you some Japanese names that are ideal for male dogs. Surely you will love some!

  • Kohaku: amber. Great name for black dogs.
  • Raiden: the god of thunder
  • Ringo: apple
  • Ryuu: dragon
  • Kane: golden
  • Yuki: snow. It will be a great name if your dog is white.
  • Fujita: field
  • Katashi: firm and serious person
  • Kenji: smart. Great for dogs of breeds such as chihuahua or yorkshire.
  • Koichi: prince who has a lot of light
  • Michi: way, path
  • Daiki: that is very brave, great for dogs of breeds like German shepherd.
akita inu male

Japanese dog breeds and their names

There are several breeds that have their origin and initial development in Japan, the best known are Akita and Shiba Inu (originally from de Japanese island of Hokkaido). They are large dogs, adults can reach up to 40kg, although the Inu is usually smaller than the Akita. They are known to have a good character and are somewhat nervous, especially while they are growing (that is why correct training is recommended from very early on). They stand out for their great instinct and intelligence; they are good watchdogs.

If you have a dog of one of these two breeds, you would probably like to call it by one of the following Japanese names:

  • Yoshito: person of formal character, correct
  • Kichiro: lucky son or daughter
  • Kenji the second child of a family , strong and healthy
  • Isamu: brave, decisively
  • Yori: person with confidence
  • Hibiki: the echo of sound
  • Eiji: eternity, long time
  • Madoka: circle or spherical
akita from japan with a boy

Japanese dog names related to animals

A good option is to choose a name that means in Japanese an animal that we like. In Japanese culture, many animals play an important role, especially when it comes to rites and beliefs. To make your task easier, we have prepared a list with more than 20 names and their meaning:

  • Tora: tiger
  • Uma: horse
  • Kitsune: fox
  • Ushi: cow
  • Sika: deer
  • Tanuki: Raccoon
  • Neko: cat
  • Saru: mono
  • Yagi: goat
  • Zō: elephant
  • Shimauma: zebra
  • Rakuda: camel
  • Kirin: giraffe
  • Raion: lion
  • Cheetah: Chītā
  • Iruka: dolphin

The 40 most popular Japanese names for your dog

In recent years, Japanese names have become fashionable, especially due to the influence of culture and anime series. For many, these names are an original option to call their dog, an alternative to the more classic and conventional names. Below we have gathered the most voted by our visitors:

  • Osaka: a Japanese city
  • Sushi: typical food
  • Haiku: poem
  • Samurai: ancient warrior
  • Ramen: soup type
  • Tadao: faithful man
  • Taichi: the first big son
  • Kawasaki: city and motorcycle brand Japanese
  • Suzu: bell
  • Umeko: plum
  • Yasu: peace
  • Nao: honest
  • Naomi: beautiful
  • Kyoto: northern city
  • Takara: treasure
  • Yuka: soft flower
  • Tomiko: son of fortune
  • Haru: spring
  • Airi: jasmine
  • Mana: love
  • Kiyomi: beauty in its essence
  • Etsuko: fruit of happiness
  • Sora: sky
  • Mass: fair and true
  • Mao: cherry blossom

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