People with allergies

Maltese, the ideal companion for people with allergies

Do you or your family has allergy problems but wants to have a puppy at home? Then you could consider getting a Bichon Maltese.

Although no breed of dog is totally hypoallergenic, due to its characteristics, the Bichon Maltese breed has been identified by the American Kennel Club as one of the races that gives less allergy problems.

For what reason? Because the bichon Maltese due to its type of hair, does not shed it and it’s a fine hair, makes skin peeling (responsible for causing allergy) not being able to be distributed in the environment because the allergen stays stuck to their skin.

Anyway, if you have allergy problems and want to have a Bichon Maltese you must do so gradually, with contacts of Ascending Frequency in order to see the reaction and always consulting with your physician.


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