Cool dog names

Congratulations on making a decision to expand your family with a pup! Your dog is a valuable part of your family and naming your furry friend an extremely important task, not one to be taken lightly. Don’t just settle on a name & wonder why you didn’t put more thought into it later. While your pup may not speak your language, his or her name is something you will both be familiar with – and it’ll be used a lot: Make it cool.

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Dogs are awesome, special animals and their name should reflect their unique personality. How many people ask you what your dog’s name is on a fairly regular basis? How many times will you call out your dog’s name while you’re outside playing fetch? How many times will you impress people with your dog’s cool name? A lot… take your time! Browse through the wide variety of cool dog names until you find one that fits your puppy perfectly, to a tee! Who’s your dog? Rex? Bruiser? Gaston? After you’ve found the perfect name, you’ll be so proud and excited you can run out and get a tag to proudly display who your puppy is and just how cool he or she is. We’re happy to be of assistance and be a part of the naming process.

cool dog names

Maybe you’re more of a practical person and you like simple and easy things. Consider naming your new pet according to his/her color, personality and behavior. Some ideas:

  • Brownie
  • Stub (as in "stubborn")
  • Hunter
  • Nero ("black" in Italian)
  • Happy
  • Curls
  • Gordo ("fat" in spanish)
  • Woof
  • Spot
  • Dino (as in "dinosaur")
  • Coffee
  • Coal
  • Sucre ("sugar" in French)

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