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Do you like Greece’s mythology or history and want to give your dog a name related to it? Do you love the sound of Greek and you think that this language is perfect for your dog? That's great because here we have a lot of Greek names for dogs. I'm sure you'll find the ideal name for your male or female dog. Let's go with the Greek names!

Meaningful Greek names for female dogs

Let's go with some very nice Greek names for female dogs. Some are related to famous, contemporary or historical personalities, and others to Greek elements. You're going to love them!

  • Alki: like the Greek writer Alki Zei. It's a very original Greek name, as not many people call themselves Alki, even in Greece.
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  • Athina: is a typical name in Greece related to Athena. That's how some famous personalities like Athina Onassis are called.
  • Eleni: means Elena in Greek. A very nice name for your dog.
  • Nia: like the actress Nia Vardalos from the film "My big Greek wedding".
  • Idylla: good name for dogs that means perfection.
  • Rhoda: means rose. A great name for both big and small bitches.
  • Callas: like the famous soprano Maria Callas.
  • Antiope: like the Greek princess.  
  • Hipolita: an important Amazon queen.
  • Ainia: another Amazon who was Achilles' enemy.

Greek names for male dogs

Now let's go with some Greek names you can call your male dog.

  • Alexis: a very nice Greek name.
  • Pericles: one of the most important Greek figure of antiquity. You can reduce the name of your dog to Peri, when you call him in family.
  • Oikos: means house and is also a brand of Greek yogurt.
  • Bryony: like the delicate white flower.  
  • Greco: in homage to the painter "El Greco" whose origin was Crete.  
  • Galeno: as the famous Greek physician and philosopher.
  • Theo: is a name that comes from Theodoros. For example, this was the name of the film director Thodoros Angelopoulus.
  • Nikos: it comes from the name Nikolaos, means Nicholas.  
  • Adonis: a great name if your dog is the most handsome in the world.
greek dog names

If you still haven't found the ideal name for your dog, keep searching our website, you will surely reach the perfect one among the thousands we propose.

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